Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Breastfeeding propaganda train rolls through again... Breastfed babies have stronger legs as teenagers...

Ah babble. The strollerderby blog is a new one to visit for ridiculous reporting and focus on studies that a) don't matter much to begin with and b) don't even hint at causality.

The title was actually pretty darn funny, "Nice legs! Thanks, I was breastfed."

So, researchers in Spain found that when they tested teenagers at tasks like jumping, the ones who were breastfed jumped higher. Ergo, stronger legs.  Apparently this followed a study that only showed this link in boys. This is killing me. Even if the ONLY variable that could be teased out was that the child was breastfed, how did they minimize the effects of diet, daily routine, genetics and exercise habits? I cannot believe that there aren't other things that the populations have in common than having been breastfed as infants. How do we rule out other causes when we compare teenagers to their conditions as newborns? Also, just in case you hadn't been made to feel like a guilty failure enough already by the breast-is-best-holier-than-thou crowd, now we add that your child will have weak legs. REALLY? Please. Can't we fund something that might help someone, like finding cures fir childhood illnesses? These studies are funded because they suit an agenda. Well, go sell your do-this-or-else somewhere else.

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