Monday, September 12, 2011

Yet Again...Educated otherwise smart people are immune to logic!

Vaccine refusal parents, "Please stop! You're hurting me." That's what we tell out two-year-old to say when another child comes after her so she doesn't bite them. Of course, nobody likes a biter and the behavior is unacceptable but who knows what icky things the bitee may be carrying. See, here in Northern California, we are home to a specific breed of moron who is out to harm everyone else's children. In Forbes, we see another article showing how people refuse to vaccinate their children. The statistics by county make me want to vomit. I understand the counties with a lower population of English speakers who may have difficulty accessing vaccines, but then we have places that are basically where "rich white people" live.

They commit crimes against logic and science everyday that they send their unimmunized petri-dish spawn to schools where children with compromised immune systems and newborn siblings attend. For shame.

Now Forbes is reminding us that there is more evidence showing that the MMR shot does not cause autism. Period. Yet this stupidity persists. Next time someone at your playground tells you they are using the Sears vaccine schedule ask them why they decided that arbitrary is better than scientific rigor. They are not really your friends, they are putting your children in danger.

Happy Moron Monday everyone!


  1. Hi Stat Girl! I wonder how many of the vaccine refusers have refused all vaccines, and how many are Searsites.

  2. @Liz - Not sure. There seems to be a lot of pick and chose your brand of crazy in my neck of the woods. Some Sears, some partial Sears, some completely random, some Hg fears. Sears bugs me because his schedule "makes sense" according to him but has never been vetted. How many children have to get sick to stop this nonsense?