Monday, January 31, 2011

Science blogging in theory and practice: Who writes health news?

This is fantastic work looking into the media, journalists and the quality of their reporting. HIGHLY recommend it!

Science blogging in theory and practice: Who writes health news?: "In times of financial difficulties, health reporters are usually the first to be let go. This is especially true if they actually know somet..."


  1. This is a great post by a doctoral student studying media reporting of science.

  2. Thank you very much for reccing my post:) I hope you continue you blog. Unfortunately, there are way too many "Facebook makes you..." headlines for the good people to sit and do nothing.

  3. @ Hadas You're welcome. Your work is REALLY important. Even more so because Americans seem not to be taught logic, critical thinking and statistics in a way that makes sense to them later in life. Dice, cards and marbles in a jar don't translate well into reading news articles.

  4. Oh, Israelis tend to be just as ignorant about everything in general and about statistics in particular.I suspect that's how it is in other places as well(perhaps except Korea...).